Hetz leather / Bite tag

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12.00 *

in small, handy design with two loops. Dimensions 28 x 14 x 7 cm

15.90 *

in handy design with 3 simple steps. Dimensions width 25cm, depth 17cm Height3 / 8,5 cm, Material: jute

17.50 *

small wedge-shaped Bite tag in handy design with 3 easy steps, measures width 25cm, depth 17cm Height3 / 8,5 cm, Material: Nylcott

21.90 *


45.90 *

With thick padding and two handles.

32.00 *

The Bite tag Spinny is equipped, in addition to the two handles on the left and right with a revolving bar in the middle of the cushion.

45.90 *

Bite tag, especially for young dogs in the early days! The pad allows the dog a very pleasant way to set an optimum grip. The cushion may be right and left away from your body. So the dog learns from the first minute, jumping off without the helper with the feet touching.

41.90 *

he ideal combination of Bite tag and Hetzarm. The short sleeve has a pronounced wedge shape. Thanks to its compact design, the volunteers expressed that beweglich.Der arm is practically reduced to the bite area.

44.50 *
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