Terms and Conditions

1 Formation of contract

The above list of our products is not a binding offer. It is the customer's order is a binding offer, which can take Dog-shop.eu at its option, by sending an email order confirmation or delivery of goods ordered.

The sending of automatically generated e-mails is not considered a confirmation of order, but only to control the order.

A purchase agreement is done with the delivery of the goods.

2 Ordering

The customer fills in the online order form completely and send it with the button Send email to Dog shop.eu, in this case the customer accepts the terms of dog sports shop.eu on. As confirmation, the customer receives an automatic. Re-e-mail (no confirmation).

3 Payment

orders made only in advance or on delivery. Delivery is only possible within Germany and the collection fee is 7 € plus the total price and is charged with delivery.

When paying by advance payment we will send you our account information, you transfer the invoice amount. The goods are released immediately after payment for shipping.

price changes / Online Shop

Please note that from time to time - eg can lead to price adjustments - by a changing course or other influences. We must, therefore, prices are subject to change without explicitly.

As our range is extensive, it can lead to a delayed delivery. Inform you of this fact for granted.


Ensure there is a defect, is a dog sport shop.eu entitled at its option deliver a replacement, exchange or refund. The customer has the goods immediately after delivery (24 hours) and, if a defect is found, dog sports and share shop.eu from the lack thereof. Dog-shop.eu tells the customer whether a return is required. If the customer does this, the goods as approved. On delivery the delivery driver already visible defects must be reported and confirmed by it.

5 Delivery & Returns

I. delivery

The delivered goods until payment in full ownership of dog sports shop.eu. Product content itself is sound and meets the product description.

II Shipping

The postage and packaging costs for deliveries within Germany.

to 100,00 € order value>
€ 5.50 to 200.00 € value> 4.50 € to 300.00 €
value> 3.50 € < br /> from 300,00 € order value> Free Shipping

From an order of 300,00 € receive free shipping (in Germany).

shipping dog food:

from 500.00 € free house

outside Germany will be charged according to country shipping costs.

For bulky items (eg hiding) we always have to calculate postage and packaging costs of the delivery company.

III. Complaints

External damage

Please complain immediately to the delivering the carrier on the shipping documents and contact you immediately informed of the damage.

Concealed damage

undamaged and damaged content you send us without delay and no later than 24 hours after receipt of the goods, a letter or e-mail info @ sport pet-shop . eu. A replacement is only possible on presentation of a timely claim. Damaged goods can be returned Dog shop.eu only after consulting with.

6 Returns and refunds

You can return goods ordered from us within 14 days to us.

with up to an order value of 40,00 € the customer the cost of the return.

undertake after receiving the returned item we will repay the purchase price.

Please note that we can not accept non-free programs. The postage costs for return are to be borne by the customer.

By the time the goods are taken back by dog ​​sports shop.eu is the liability / risk for the customer.

returns should be sent to the deadline:


Owner: Mario Neumann, Zur Heide 10, 4460 Kitzen
7 Privacy

Dog-shop.eu agrees to treat the orders known customer data (e-mail address, name, address or bank account) strictly confidential and impartial third party to make inaccessible. A transfer is made only to credit and collection purposes.

8 Liability

Dog-shop.eu and his agents are not liable for default and for damages resulting from misuse, theft or spying on credit card and bank records, which were transferred in the ordering process via the Internet.

9 Data processing

Dog-shop.eu is entitled to due process of that relationship became known data of the customer in terms of data protection law. This notice shall be deemed as notification under the federal Privacy Act.

10 Severability

If any provision of these terms and conditions or a provision of other agreements be or become invalid, the validity of all other provisions or agreements shall not be affected.

11 Jurisdiction

Business relationships with merchants and legal persons under public law, courts shall have jurisdiction for all legal disputes, the AG Borna.